in a world where mass production is the norm, where chemicals have replaced nature, our food supply is so far away from that which was designed to heal, nourish and restore. most have been manipulated through research and engineering to inflate profit margins, thereby generating copious amounts of cash (capital) and cultivate an addictive, gluttonous society. healing and restoration are not a part of the equation, masking and medicating are. after all, a profitable business is considered to be one that stays afloat. but how can an industry thrive if there are no repeat clients, consumers, addicted, ill, flailing or needy people? where's the market?

integrity is a huge reason behind the why of arookah. we sell and create quality products we feel confident and comfortable using daily without adverse reactions or side effects and definitely without the news report issuing a warning after years of use. we want to assist people with restoring their well-being on a holistic level: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

all of our products are environmentally safe and never tested on animals.

healthy healing is who we are. nature guides us ... innovation and creativity make it fun and fulfilling. 

meet m + n. 


this will not be long, as i know time is of the essence! 

raised in chicago, i had the privilege of being exposed to some of the best tasting food and “foodstuffs” you can think of. as a child, my parents always put emphasis on eating my vegetables. i remember nights where they made me sit at the table until i finished them. i would pout and shout, but eventually ate them, while trying not to vomit.

during my teenage years, i developed unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, on top of the candy, pop, pizza, sugary cereal, and other junk “foodstuff.” i had no idea that what i ate contributed to my constipation, congestion, eczema, energy levels, mental clarity and even vision. 

the universe shook me up a little bit in my late teens and i started gaining interest in a more clean and natural lifestyle. most of my free time outside of work was focused on learning more about history, natural health, herbs, essential oils and the human body. most of it was self-study until i became a certified health and wellness consultant back in 2009 under instructor dr. akua gray, n.d.  of A LIFE OF PEACE AND WELLNESS INSTITUTE.   

after certification and with continued research and increasing my knowledge of a subject i hold dearly. over time not only did my health improve, but i was able to assist others in their journey of living a healthier lifestyle.

seeing the fruits of my labor, i felt it necessary to start a business where more people can find the assistance, information and products needed in order to obtain our natural birth right, which is optimum health! 

who knew that the child who would sit hours at the dinner table to avoid eating broccoli, would become an advocate on why you should eat more!


nia imani

naturally inquisitive and not afraid to get my hands dirty describes me best. known among family and friends as the one who touches everything, tinkers with things to see how it works and is always making something, i'm decidedly on my way to becoming a chemist. i've always enjoyed making / building things, whether it is food, playing with clay, painting (mixing colors mostly), etc. the point is, I'm quite fond of hands-on type of work. loving hands-on work goes hand in hand (pun intended) with our business. having this opportunity to work with my cousin opens doors for both of us and you.

arookah may seem like just another company, but it is not. arookah is part of a larger community dedicated to healing and restoring (hence the name of our company). when you think about healing something a simple as a cut, several ways to treat it comes to mind and while there are several products in the marketplace designed specifically for that purpose, most aren't natural and eventually can cause more harm than good. we want to offer choices ... better choices. 

from our perspective, healing doesn't only mean taking care of the physical appearance (what others can naturally see), we hope to heal internally as well. what you use on your body is just as important as what you put in it. our body butters are a good example. you can pronounce each component found in our batches, and you may even be familiar with the plant and where it's grown. every component we use in our products is beneficial for you.