lemongrass love.

lemongrass love.

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this blend incorporates of pure essential oil of lemongrass. this addition adds many benefits to the body butter experience, soothing and relieving muscle ache and strain. also, offering purifying elements.

this collection of whipped shea butter was inspired by the need for more naturally fragranced whole body butters. made from high quality, organic oils and organic essential oils of lemongrass, this whole body butter is a refreshing and rejuvenating must have. 

shea butter, sweet almond oil and argan oil all come from nutritious fruit bearing tress native to Africa, and when combined offer a perfect blend of antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids that aid in moisturizing, repairing and relieving the skin and hair.

  • handcrafted
  • no animal testing
  • no synthetic fragrance
  • no phthalates
  • paraben-free
  • hexane-free
  • gluten-free
  • vegan

the classically whipped line of whipped shea butter strives for quality, simplicity and versatility. use it all over body, from head to toe for a whole body experience.

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